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Building a Productized Service with Karl Hughes (#76)

Jim is joined by Draft.dev Founder/CEO Karl Hughes and they dive deep into the nitty gritty of how to bootstrap a business in a niche market, productized services, and the idea of a launch pad business.

Business Lessons From The Sex-Toy King (#75)

Jim is joined by Brian Sloan who has overseen meteoric success of an 8 figure company through developing a unique sex-toy. Brian shares tips and advice about how to grow and develop products in non-traditional markets.

Your Startup is a Movement by David Sacks: Iconic Read (#74)

Jim and Yonathan break down another Iconic piece of writing as they talk about David Sacks Substack article titled Your Startup is a Movement. They go over the main points and discuss what they agree and disagree with as well as contextualizing some of the ideas for new startup founders.

Hitting $1M in 6 Months and an Update on the $3M Challenge (#73)

Jim is again joined by Yonathan as they continue their experiment of building in public. They update everyone on the progress of the agency, the productized service, and the D2C product as they move towards the insane goal of getting each business to 6 figures.

Build a Business that Can Run Without You: Corey Wright (#72)

Jim is joined by business coach Corey Wright. Jim and Corey dive deep into the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and get specific about how to implement this system in your business and what impacts can result from properly implementing EOS.

Growing Your Business with Smart Advertising: Jordan Summers (#71)

This week, Jim is joined by Jordan Summers, the Director of Growth at Growthhit. Jordan gets into the nitty gritty details of growth marketing strategies for D2C and other businesses.

Hustling from Homelessness to Startup Success with Bash Jones (#70)

Jim is joined by Bash Jones, Co-founder of Homeplan to discuss how you can translate acquired life-skills into a successful scalable tech company. Bash shares his amazing story of enduring homelessness while hustling his way to success in the Music with a Billboard #1 hit and Tech with his startup Homeplan

A Real-Estate Startup That's Changing How You Buy Homes w/ Jordan Allen & Nick McLain of Doorsey(#69)

Jim is joined by Jordan Allen & Nick McLain of Doorsey, an app that is re-imagining the home buying process. Nick and Jordan share tips on how to enter an established space with a brand new idea and talk about what it takes to succeed.

My Interview on the Tropical MBA Podcast (Crossover Episode #68)

This week Jim goes on the Tropical MBA podcast to chat with host Dan Andrews about the pros and cons of running a successful agency, and how he’s recently been encouraging and enabling his team to create new products via the internal ‘startup studio incubator’.

Our Startup Studio is Live, $3M Challenge Update & An NYC VC (MetaProp) Shares Their Secrets (#67)

Jim and Yonathan give an update to the $3m challenge including developments on the d2c brand and big news with the SAAS company. Then Jim is joined by Aaron and Zach from Metaprop VC to talk about tips and tricks for founders to catch the eye's of a VC fund.

How a Nike Alumni Took His Shoe Brand from Idea to $4M+ (#66)

JIm is joined once again by Brian Lockard the Co-founder of Bala shoes. Brian and Jim talk about fundraising strategies, how to research a products for a successful launch, and check in on Bala which had 7 figures in sales in its first 12 days.

How to Build an Audience from 0 to 87,000+ with Blake Emal (#65)

On this episode, Jim is joined by Blake Emal. Blake tells us how he was able to go from dropping out of college to becoming a CMO in the matter of a few years. He deep dives deep on skillsets and strategies you need to grow an audience and how to leverage that to succeed in growth marketing.

A Celebrity Chef Goes from the TODAY Show to 7-Figure Founder (#64)

Jim is joined by founder and incredibly skilled chef Joel Gamoran. Jim and Joel talk about finding a new path and making your own opportunities in business and tips and tricks for developing an on-screen presence.

We Share Our Feb 2022 Financials and Consulting Tips with Michael Zipursky (#63)

Jim and Yonathan provide another updated on the $3M dollar challenge with significant progress in their D2C product and their productized service, as well as a potential SAAS idea! Then Jim gets some valuable insight from Michael Zipursky about how to be successful running a consulting agency.

How To Be Successful By Sam Altman #IconicReads (#62)

Jim and Yonathan bring back a popular segment, Iconic Reads, where they break down iconic think-pieces written over the years. Today, they give their thoughts and takeaways from Sam Altman's iconic 2019 blog post "How to be Successful."

Lessons From Starting 10 Startups with Craig Swanson (#61)

Jim is joined by Craig Swanson, who has started more than 10 companies (including well known startup, CreativeLive) that continue to operate to this day. Craig has been incredibly successful in the E-product space and gives tips on how to grow an e product from idea to 7 figures.

Personal Finance as a Founder (# 60)

Jim is joined by Tommy Griffith, Clickminded CEO, and they dive into a subject that is often overlooked: personal finance strategies for founders. Both Jim and Tommy have lived and learned what it's like to balance the different financial approaches you would apply to business finances and personal finances and they share mistakes they've made and tips and tricks they've learned along the way.

Our 2022 Predictions and 5 Startups to Launch this Year (#59)

Rob Sobers joins Jim again to look ahead at 2022 with tips on what to watch and trends to keep an eye on before they share several half-baked startup ideas for the new year.

How We Launched a DTC Brand (and Website) in Under 4 Weeks with Angela Brugioni (#58)

Jim is joined by Angela Brugioni, the creative director for GrowthHit and head of the startup studio. Angela shares her experience and knowledge and walks through some of the strategies for brand creation and standing up creative materials on a tight deadline.

My Goals for 2022 (and the system for managing them) (#57)

Jim and Yonathan reflect on the wins and misses from 2021 and look forward to a new year with some of their favorite frameworks to set and achieve goals.

Mike Michalowicz: Being a Solopreneur, Making Millions as an Author, & a 'Get Different' Approach to Marketing (#56)

Jim is joined by New York Times best-selling author Mike Michalowicz, who's most recent book 'Get Different' is out right now and tearing up the charts. They talk about Mike's experience owning equity in multiple multi-million dollar companies, marketing tips, and keys to becoming a successful author.

We Unveil the Problem We’re Solving with Our D2C Brand (#55)

For the last episode of 2021, Jim gives an update on an important milestone for the $3M Challenge, and unveils their new D2C brand and talks about the process of validating the business as well as the business itself.

2021 Reflections: Our Highlights (and Lowlights) from the Year (#54)

Jim and Yonathan discuss an incredibly eventful and overall very productive year. They discuss wins and losses, major projects, and what will be helpful moving into a new year.

How to Go From Idea to 9 Figure D2C Brand by Owning a Niche with Bear Handlon (#53)

Bear Handlon joins to talk about his bootstrapped niche-apparel company Born Primitive. Bear talks about his experience starting his 9 figure sports apparel brand from a single product and building it up without any investment at all.

Richard White: Getting into Y-Combinator, Starting 2 Startups, and the Cold Email that Changed His Career (#52)

Jim is joined by Richard White, Founder and CEO of businesses like UserVoice and Fathom. He takes us through his journey from being a part of the first Y-Combinator batch in Cambridge in 2005 with the founders from Reddit, Dropbox and Twitch to his latest YC backed startup, Fathom.

How We're Validating Startup Ideas (#51)

Yonathan and Jim get into the nitty-gritty of a hugely important step on their $3M Challenge journey: validating startup ideas. They discuss how to identify, quantify, and increase product market fit and other helpful tips for deciding what startups present good investment opportunities.

What We Learned Walking Away from a $300k Deal with Yonathan Ayenew (#50)

The first check in since GrowthHit started its $3M challenge. A $300k deal fails, but Yonathan Ayenew joins to discuss key takeaways and important lessons we learned from the first step on this journey.

How a US Navy SEAL Runs His Startup with Patrick Dossett (#49)

Patrick Dossett, co-founder of the personal development toolkit Madefor joins to chat about how his time in the Navy SEALS prepared him for the unique challenges of founding his own startup. He shares his tips for success and how to manage your team well even in a crisis and talks about his time working with Tom's Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie.

Announcement: The $3M Challenge by GrowthHit (and Mike Sroka of Dealpath) #48

Growth Hit begins an exciting (and possibly crazy) journey as Yonathan and Jim announce the beginning of the $3M challenge and a transition to working in public. We put a cherry on top of this exciting chat with a visit from Mike Sroka, who is tearing things up in the Real-Estate software space.

From Idea to $11M Raised with Copy.ai Co-Founder, Chris Lu (#47)

Chris Lu joins me to chat about the wildly successful Copy.ai service and how he grew it from a startup to a $200k revenue a month with the right approach, a little luck, and an extremely effective tweet.