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The 20 Tools I Use to Power a 7 Figure Business (#9)

The right tools can give your company super powers, help you scale, and make you insanely productivity. Most importantly, they can help free up your time. Here are the tools I use to run my 7 figure business.

Advice from My Executive Coach (A Former Naval Officer and Microsoft Exec) (#8)

What does an executive coach even do? This Naval officer turned executive coach talks about why CEOs and leaders hire executive coaches, and the common mistakes he sees in his course of work.

Why I'm Investing $25,000 in this Startup (#7)

After working with 100+ startups, I have made my first an angel investment. Here is why I’m getting into angel investing by giving $25,000 to Bala Shoes.

A "Startup Idea" Brainstorm with a Growth Agency Partner (#6)

What startup should you launch today? I chat with the COO of GrowthHit, Yonathan Ayenew, to brainstorm some half-baked startup ideas he would launch is he was starting today.

Mentor Hacking, How to Get Advice Without Needing a Mentor (#5)

Learn about the 6 hacks for engineering a mentorship experience without needing an actual mentor. Welcome to mentor hacking.

A VC's Advice for First Time Angel Investors (that Have No Money) (#4)

Ben Yoskovitz, Founding Partner at Highline Beta, talks about angel investing on the cheap, running a startup accelerator, advice for betting on startup founders, writing a best-selling book, how he built his VC firm, and more.

Why Your 1st Company Should NOT be a Tech Startup (and it should be this instead) (#3)

Trying to launch a startup? Learn why you should not start a tech startup and why you should start an agency first.

How an Ex-Airbnb Hire Makes 6 Figures Working 1 Day Per Week (#2)

Tommy Griffith, ClickMinded co-founder, shares his story of going from Airbnb employee to making high 6-figures working only one day a week – mostly from places like Thailand and Hawaii.

Introducing the "If I Was Starting Today" Podcast (#1)

What you'll learn from this podcast: How a founder makes 7 figures working 1 day per week, an idea brainstorm from 2 growth marketers, how one comedian landed a Netflix special, why your first company should be in the service industry, and more.