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Startup Ideas by Paul Graham (#45)

In today’s episode, you’ll hear myself and my business partner breakdown another Iconic Read, "How to Get Startup Ideas" by Paul Graham.

How I Met My Biz Partner and Less Learned Hitting $2M ARR (#44)

Today, we're sharing financials. From losing $400k in 48 hours to hitting $2M in sales, I bring my business partner on to talk about the lessons learned growing our agency. Plus, hear how we met and become partners - it's not the traditional story.

How to Take Over the World with Ben Wilson (#43)

What are the character traits that you need to take over the world? Ben Wilson researched Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Napoleon, William the Great, and more to give you the answers today.

The Ladders of Wealth Creation: A Step-by-Step Roadmap to Building Wealth (#42)

Want to go from employee to business owner? Today we discuss an iconic blog post from Nathan Barry - The Ladders of Wealth Creation: a Step-by-Step Roadmap to Building Wealth - to help answer that question.

Nathan Barry: How to Bootstrap a Company to $30M in a Crowded Market (#41)

How do you complete in a crowded market when you have raised zero dollars? Nathan Barry, ConvertKit CEO, talks about how he has bootstrapped an idea to $30M in MRR. Plus, he breaks down his journey from employee to founder with the Ladders of Wealth Creation framework.

Miguel Fernandez: What It's Like to Have $280M in Your Bank Account (#40)

Need money for your business but don't want to give up equity? If you own a D2C brand, SaaS company, or agency there is a way to get money without losing ownership. Miguel Fernandez started CapChase ($280 in funding) to help the 90% of business owners that don't raise VC money.

Charles Myslinsky: What It's Like Selling a Company to Wal-Mart for $3.3B (#39)

Charles Myslinsky on how to decide if you should start your own company or jump on someone else's idea, whether the windfall from his Wal-Mart deal changed his life, and his next big challenge with OJO Labs.

David C. Baker: The Consultant's Consultant on How to Be An Expert (#38)

Are you an order-taker or a decision-maker? Today’s interview with David C Baker, author of The Business of Expertise, might help you find out.

Lazy Leadership by Andrew Wilkinson (Iconic Reads) (#37)

Can you be a leader and be lazy? Today’s episode is about a blog post by Andrew Wilkinson called Lazy Leadership. He discusses delegation, building a machine, and working smarter instead of harder.

Eric Jorgenson: Writing the Almanack of Naval and 4 Types of Leverage Founders Need to Know About (#36)

Listen to the episode to hear what Eric has to say about working with Naval, understanding and using the different types of leverage, and ideas from his startup "half-bakery".

The Hack I Use to Manage My Week (and Get Sh*t Done)(#35)

Forget the to do list. It's all about manage your calendar. Here is the system I use to manage my week, my to-do list and, most importantly, my calendar.

Aman Advani: How this MIT Grad Launched an 8 Figure Brand (#34)

Today’s guest surprised himself (and his family) by going from MIT to men’s fashion to design comfortable, science-backed clothing. Listen in to hear what Aman has to say about identifying pain points, what it means to tweak a product, and how to make a splash with a launch.

How to Grow a D2C Brand (22 Lessons Learned from 150 Startups) (#33)

After working with 100+ brands, I have seen some raise $80M and others go on Shark Tank. Here are the 22 things to do if you want to guarantee success for your D2C brand.

Charlie Givens: Launching a Fitness Startup & Half-Baked Startup Ideas in Sports (#32)

Charlie Givens, PowderHeart CEO, turned an Aspen workout into a high-growth fitness startup in Texas. Hear how Charlie got scrappy to prove his concept. Plus, he shares some half-baked startup ideas.

How to Make a Growth Plan by Spying on Competitors with These Free Tools (#31)

Want to know the exact growth strategy of the most innovative brands and startups? Here is a four step process you can use to reverse engineer the growth strategy of any company.

Yonathan Ayenew: Frameworks & Tactics to Make You Insanely Productive as a Founder (#30)

Hear how one COO runs his day and his team to get things done. Form frameworks and tactics to his morning routine, you'll get his system that combines Getting Things Done, Deep Work and the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Why I'm Investing $80k in These 4 Things to Accelerate My Career (#29)

Do you learn better through experiences, lectures, or books? If it's experiences then here is a counterintuitive way to invest in learning to accelerate your career.

Josh Little: A Framework for Coming Up with Startup Ideas (#28)

How do you take an idea and validate you have something people want? Josh Little, Volley CEO, has sold two companies and just raised a seed round. Today, he talks about his process for coming up with ideas.

A Personal Update on My Company in 2021 (#27)

Today, I do a mid-year update on my company GrowthHit. Hear about the good, the bad, and the things I am thinking through as a clueless business owner.

Brian Lockard: Making $1.5M in 7 Days Launching His Shoe Brand (#26)

How do you turn an idea into a startup that does 7 figures in one week? Brian Lockard shares how he came up with his idea for nursing shoes and created a launch strategy that put Bala on the map.

Louis Nicholls: Growing SparkLoop and A Startup Idea Brainstorm (#25)

Louis Nicholls, SparkLoop CEO, gives advice for launching a referral program, creative tactics to try, and then he shares startup ideas you could start today.

Yve-Car Momperousse: How Shark Tank Catapulted this Brand to Millions (#24)

Ever wanted to know how a Shark Tank deal could impact your business? Today's guest talks about her D2C brand and how their Shark Tank episode changed everything.

How to Build Culture With Small Tweaks to Your Day-to-Day (#23)

People and culture are two of the biggest challenges a founder will encounter when scaling a company. Here are some small tweaks you can make that could have a big impact on culture.

Yonathan Ayenew: 9 Innovative Startups and Why We Think They'll Work (#22)

There are so many startups out there. How can you know which ones you should keep an eye on? In today’s episode, we’ll talk about some of the ones that are high up on our radar.

What's Your By-Product and How to Monetize It (#21)

Every product or service has a by-product. From lumber creating sawdust to agencies creating software tools, creative founders spot these by-products and capitalize on them. What’s yours?

Isaac Kato on How to Decide What To Work On, Selling Startups, & Raising $200M (#20)

Isaac Kato, Managing Director at Techstars Seattle, talks about the frameworks he has used to sell multiple companies and the process he uses to invest over $200M in startups.

How to Hire "A Players" (or a Co-Founder) With One Strategy (#19)

Hiring sucks. But, people are the most important part of your business. How do you find the right people that can be true game-changers for you business? Here is what I did to hire my 3 most senior people.

Billy Bateman on When to Go All-In on Your Startup Idea (#18)

An idea is one thing, but how do you know when it’s time to really invest? When to go all-in? When to hire people? That’s what you’re going to hear about today from Billy Bateman of ChatFunnels.

What's Your "Money Number" as a Founder or Startup Employee (#17)

The hard truth every founder or startup employee needs to know about money. Even though we spend most of our waking hours “working” – we don’t know what we’re working towards. Here is a framework to help.

Rob Sobers on How to Pick a Startup that Plays on "Easy Mode" (#16)

Rob Sobers runs marketing for a publicly traded company. Today he gives advice for first-time founders about the idea of playing on easy mode when building your first company.