Advice from My Executive Coach (A Former Naval Officer and Microsoft Exec) (#8)

What does an executive coach even do? This Naval officer turned executive coach talks about why CEOs and leaders hire executive coaches, and the common mistakes he sees in his course of work.

What does an executive coach do for their clients? You’ll learn more about that from today’s interview with Rick Maguire. Rick has a fascinating backstory, as he was a former Naval Officer who then became a Microsoft executive before becoming an executive coach. Listen in to learn how his Navy background translated in the rest of his career, what benefits his clients receive from coaching, and what kind of mistakes Rick sees in the course of his work. 

Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:
  • Rick’s ideal client
  • The main benefits that Rick’s clients walk away with
  • What Rick’s Navy experience was like and how it translated to the rest of his career
  • The time period when Rick was at Microsoft and what the transition was like
  • What people get excited about when scaling up
  • How to figure out where to start
  • Common mistakes Rick sees
  • Where the leader’s time should be spent
  • Half-baked ideas
  • How to get in touch with Rick