Nathan Barry: How to Bootstrap a Company to $30M in a Crowded Market (#41)

How do you complete in a crowded market when you have raised zero dollars? Nathan Barry, ConvertKit CEO, talks about how he has bootstrapped an idea to $30M in MRR. Plus, he breaks down his journey from employee to founder with the Ladders of Wealth Creation framework.

Nathan Barry is the CEO of ConvertKit, an email service provider that's gone from idea to $30M in MRR with zero funding.

Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:
  • Nathan’s explains his framework: Ladders of Wealth Creation
  • Should you start something yourself or acquire a business
  • Why you should focus on a small niche when competing against a powerful incumbent
  • How he has grown ConvertKit from idea to $30M MRR
  • How he approaches capital allocation and leverage as a bootstrapped owner
  • How to attract talented people when you have less money to offer
  • What aged well and what didn't with Nathan's book Authority