Lazy Leadership by Andrew Wilkinson (Iconic Reads)[RERUN] (#137)

Can you be a leader and be lazy with your time and personal contribution to the workplace? Today’s episode is about an iconic read, in this case, a blog post by Andrew Wilkinson. In the post Lazy Leadership, he discusses delegation, building a machine, and working smarter instead of harder. Listen to the episode for a discussion about the blog post including the overall messages of the post, the best quotes from the post, and who needs to read this post the most. 

Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:
  • What “Iconic Reads” is all about
  • Who is Andrew Wilkinson?
  • What does “Lazy Leadership” mean and the main takeaways
  • Best quotes from the blog post
  • What we agree and disagree with about this blog post
  • Why this is an iconic read
  • Who should read this blog post?