15 Startup Ideas Around Death, SMS, Ecommerce, & Disrupting Financial Advisors (#114)

Yonathan Ayenew (GrowthHit COO) joins to talk about 15 startup ideas that could be successful today. The talk about ideas in SMS, electric cars, ecommerce and death.
Yonathan joins again to dissect lessons from some amazing startups before Jim shares a handful of business opportunities that could be successful today.

  • Jim gets big timed
  • 3 Good reads
  • 15 startup ideas
  • Cross-pollinating news letters
  • The benefit of owning a category – death
  • The advantages of being nimble
  • Mirrors are forever
  • Growing to 9 figures without raising money
  • SMS growth
  • Niche marketplaces
  • Novel betting app for speculators
  • Mobile EV charging as a service
  • No fee financial advising
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